Sophisticated and Unique, Breathtaken Art.


On 11th May 1995, compact and daring team of confederates gathered for one and only worth purpose. As for a native born artisan that target means a dream of an outstanding craftsmanship quality. That company was obsessed with the internal aspiration for excellence. Thus they have been started in their long, desperate and full of trial journey.

However, today company is full of pride looking into their past times. We have polished our range of skills due to priceless experience of 20 tensed years.
Meanwhile we are still evolving stubbornly and purposefully.

The general argument that proves every single word has been said before, is a joy.
Joy, which every customer feels since the job was completed.
Once having experienced that, our clients are falling in love with that enravishment sense.

We are not ignoring the scientific movement of the human race in times of the meta-modern epoch. Our basic usual standard is a careful and sustainable use of natural resources and zero environmental pollution index.

Our constructors and engineers progressively polish their skills in CAD-knowledge and furniture materials usage.

That leads us to a permanent expansion of the operational tools and equipment.
Nowadays we are fully equipped to manufacture an exotic timber and marquetry.
Our workshop also specialized on metalwork and glass treatment. Those variety of services are constantly expanding, and we are far from being bound.


In any case, our team is inspired by every new extraordinary architectural project.
We appraise each unique design task as a personal challenge which tests our competence and dignity. Doing in that way, we try to understand our own abilities.


«Sandubra» team serves night and day for mother, – queen of Art.
Her name is…..Architecture.
Yes, you’re absolutely right.
With an exceptional respect to all her needs and wishes,
We solve her tasks and time requests,
To cook that meal delicious.
Accompanied with architects, designers, decorators.
But mainly, thanks to customers and their severe appeal.
We bite that rock to represent
True spirit of creators.
With excellence of craftsmanship,
Trough labour and goodwill.

Best regards, Oleksandr Sandubra & Sandubra Team